We are confronted with the belief among some that bigger nations can bully smaller ones to get their way — that recycled maxim that might somehow makes right.

Barack Obama, non-ironically

Just… wow.

I am consistently amazed by the mind-blowing hubris of this man. As I once described him: he’s the peace president who loves war, the transparency candidate who’s denied more FOIA requests than anyone, the whistle-blower supporter who’s locked away Bradley Manning and hunts Edward Snowden, the social redistributionist who protects corporate interests, the champion of minority causes who deported more immigrants in his first three years than Bush in eight, the proud one-time marijuana smoker and cocaine user who keeps throwing peaceful drug users behind bars, the constitutional scholar who signed the NDAA, Patriot Act, ACTA, and the death warrants of Americans “tried” without due process… how can anyone still not see that he - doubling down on the impulses of essentially all politicians - will say and do whatever it takes for greater power and control. 

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A Week in The Sty 07/30/2014

A disturbing glimpse into the shrouded world of the Texas grand jury system

Police Board fires cop whose gun was used in woman’s death

Connecticut trooper pleads guilty to stealing dying motorcycle crash victim’s jewelry, money 

Wisconsin chief who allegedly signed tea party leader up for gay dating sites to be charged

Prosecutors Have Doubts in Police Shooting, But No Charges

Trooper dismissed after DUI, drug arrest in Spring Hill

NOPD officers sentenced to prison in payroll fraud scheme

China Grove police chief charged with DWI

Detective Charged With Stealing Money From Elderly Convenience Store Customer

Portland police Capt. Mark Kruger’s past discipline to be erased — including for tribute to Nazi-era soldiers — under city settlement

Pittsburgh Man Wins $105K Verdict Against Police

Records show Rains Co. dog shooting wasn’t first for deputy

Lakeland pays $25K for bra-shaking search

NYPD detective busted for submitting forged paperwork to claim $1,000 reward for recovered gun: prosecutors 

Former Plymouth Police Officer Sentenced For Excessive Force

Strippers sue San Diego police over ‘nearly nude’ photos

Town Marshal Suspected Of Stealing Underwear

Indiana officer to keep job after pushing over man in wheelchair

Officer: Omaha’s VA police department ‘out of control’ I-Team obtains memo filled with scathing criticism & video of fight between armed cops

Fired Broward lieutenant imprisoned for five years in Rothstein scandal

Miramar Cop Busted for Booze Theft

MPD kills innocent north Minneapolis couple’s dog [UPDATE]

Mobile County Constable Charged with Murder

Pensioner dies after being bitten by a police dog in her own garden

Estelline ‘speed trap’ settles missing cash suit

City of Denver to pay $3.25 million to settle inmate abuse suit

Fatal shooting by San Jose cop: City poised to pay $900,000 in excessive-force lawsuit

Federal judge rules Sandusky County can’t keep jury from hearing about flashbang grenade used when deputies killed Bryan Jones

Motivational speaker files formal complaint against San Jose Police Department for excessive force

Former Detroit police officer arrested; linked to southeast Ohio drug ring

 Campbell chief pleads no contest to misdemeanor

Arrest of Minneapolis community activist Al Flowers stirs anger

Lexington Police Officer Resigns

Stun Gun Incident Lands Firefighters, Police Officer in Trouble

New Developments in Gil Collar Shooting Case

Ex-cop accused of planting drugs might wind up back on force

Officials: Deputy involved in crash will go before review board

Judge rules man had right to record Austin police

Covina officer probed over arrest of man filming police activity

Man ‘threatened with jail by cop who shot his dog’

Worth County deputies deployed Tasers at least 15 times

Deputy suspended for 2 days after accidental release of fugitive

Iva police chief suspended after arrest

Police leave Salem woman stranded with no phone, money

Moment a NY Police Officer Stomps the Head of a Restrained Man as onlookers Scream in Horror

Man beaten, three SAPD officers investigated for possible excessive force after case of ‘mistaken identity’

DEA Agents Fail at Intimidating Man Recording Federal Building

NewsChannel 13 crew threatened with arrest at Mount McGregor

VIDEO: Strange island arrests

PURVIS, Miss.: Ex-police officer arrested in murder-for-hire case | State | The Sun Herald

Deputies: N. Charleston officer speeding at more than 110 mph stopped, arrested

Panel Votes to Terminate Suspended CMPD Officer

Two Denver sheriff deputies dispute discipline in latest abuse cases

Chief Deputy: Cause of weapon discharged still not known

Wetumpka police chief, deputy chief placed on leave

Family Says Dog Shot by Police in Front of 6-Year-Old Girl

Apopka police officer investigated after causing crash

Report: DNA links former Knox deputy to rapes of girl

MBTA Transit Police sergeant arrested three times in less than 48 hours

LPD Sergeant Fired in Sex Scandal Reinstated, Demoted to Officer

Spavinaw police chief placed on administrative leave following molestation allegations

$5M fallout from wild freeway chase

$1.2 million for family of H.S. sports star gunned down by police

GA police officer resigns after shooting man’s dog

ICE agent indicted for violating Constitution

New corruption claims raised against Utah police department

Seminole County deputy charged with soliciting minor

Photos Show NYPD Chokehold on Pregnant Woman

Former North Olmsted police officer sentenced to five days in jail

Former police chief sentenced for making false report

2nd Fla. sheriff’s deputy sentenced to prison in $1.2B Ponzi scheme operated by Broward lawyer

Houston police officer opens fire at wanted man hiding in trash can on south side

Denton Jailer Fired For Use Of Force Against Man

NOPD detective charged with attempted murder of girlfriend




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I literally went though the same thing yesterday. Its a fucking nightmare.


An Indiana police officer has kept his job after pushing over a man in a wheelchair – despite his entire department demanding he be fired.

Lafayette Police Department Lieutenant Tom Davidson can be seen on video, dated October 1st last year, shoving paraplegic Nicholas Kincade.

The assault appears to be prompted by Mr Kincade bumping Lt Davidson’s foot with his motorised wheelchair.

The incident occurred near the Excel School in Indianapolis, where police were called by school staff after Mr Kincade allegedly told them he had a gun in his backpack. Responding officers quickly found the man didn’t have a gun and he was told that he could leave with a trespassing warning, at the school’s request. According to Turnto23, Lt Davidson was put on leave during an investigation into his actions, but despite his department saying that he should be fired, the Lafayette Police Civil Service Commision – who vote on hiring and firing officers – instead ruled ‘unbecoming conduct’ and sentenced him to a 30-day unpaid suspension and a drop in rank. http://metro.co.uk/2014/07/05/police-officer-pushes-over-man-in-wheelchair-doesnt-get-fired-4787679/

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Hillary Clinton praises Bush, criticizes Obama, cozies up to Wall Street


From me at Speed Reads this morning:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, an expected contender in the 2016 presidential election, has positioned herself to appeal to more moderate or even neoconservative audiences in recent days. Speaking to CNN on Sunday, she praised President George W. Bush’s AIDS relief programs in Sub-Saharan Africa, saying his initiatives there make her “proud to be an American.”

In the same interview, Clinton distanced herself from President Obama’s foreign policy, suggesting that he has not made it clear how D.C. “intend[s] to lead and manage” international affairs. Clinton advocated a more interventionist approach, arguing that, "We have to go back out and sell ourselves" as guarantors of worldwide stability. Currently, the U.S. military has as many as 900 bases worldwide, and has ground troops or drones active in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Yemen.

Meanwhile, despite objections from supporters within her own party, Clinton has repeatedly spoken to audiences at large Wall Street banks like Goldman Sachs and Ameriprise Financial. “The problem is these speeches give the impression that she’s still in the Wall Street wing of the party,” said Charles Chamberlain of the left-wing Democracy For America PAC.

If Clinton is elected President in 2016, the White House will have been in the hands of just three families — the Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas — for 32 years by the time her first term is complete.

 - - Bonnie Kristian

The war on “terror” will never be over, it will just change locations. Like the war on drugs, prostitution, pornography, and the many others that will follow, it is a war on humanity. These wars will never be won; the State will just keep creating new boogiemen to frighten us with. The sheep will anxiously anticipate the next fall guy the State offers up as a sacrifice for the war on whatever happens to be next. Be careful, the next pawn could be me or you.
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What percent of drugs does the DEA bust? - WTF fun facts

Officers kicked off SWAT after Bundy comment