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Cliven Bundy.
It’s a whole lot bigger.
Than just turtles and cattle.

I just drove through Texas . I shouldnt have left #standbybundy #bundyranch #blm #igmilitia #me #militia

It is a Strategic De-Escalation to Fool the Public.

From Doug Hagmann

At 1750 hours ET, I was contacted by my source within the Department of Homeland Security regarding the current situation at the Bundy Ranch. To put it bluntly, the people are being hoodwinked into believing that the situation is being resolved. It is not. It is a strategic de-escalation to fool the public. This source stated that the retreat of the BLM agents and the release of the cattle was actually crafted as a potential plan yesterday (Friday, 11 April 2014) based on the following:

1. A military assessment of satellite and drone surveillance imagery of the “patriot resistance. Drones under the control of the U.S. military were in use, taking real-time photographic images of not just the activity at the ranch, but “identifying the protesters, any arms and any supplies they might have or be carrying. “Mission accomplished.”

2. Real-time communication intercepts between patriots on-site and their off-site support;

3. Active monitoring of internet traffic regarding the coverage of events at ranch;

4. The monitoring of real-time video from the scene.

This source stated that a response by the patriot movement was anticipated, although exceeded their expectations. Although this was a real operation, they also ran this as a test case for future government operations once they saw the response. They were also actively managing the media, in some cases threatening to cut off White House access to anyone covering the event.

Despite this, the coverage by the alternative media began to create a public relations problem that was not easily managed. Note the lack of acknowledgment by the White House regarding this event. They are intentionally framing it as a state issue, despite the fact that all federal response has been and continues to be from the White House. There is a reason for this – a reason that has not been identified in any of the public reports to date. I will explain in further detail in a follow-up report on Sunday, after this source attends [redacted] to obtain more specific information about future federal operations. Regardless, according to this source, the government will take back ‘their land’ as they must to fulfill international obligations. It was never about grazing rights or anything other than (1) “securing clear title” to the land, and (2) further demonizing any patriotic resistance. It is my understanding, based on the information from this source, that it is a critical task to create a situation that will also advance their agenda of gun control and confiscation.

A more detailed report will follow on Sunday, 13 April 2014, with additional and much more specific information about their inside plans and future operations.PLEASE MAKE THIS VIRAL!

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Doubt you served in Iraq


We’re headed to Nevada to join other Militia units at the Bundy ranch #bundyranch #igmilitia #me #closetovegasnow #gunblr


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Jason and I came back a hour later to finish our public records request.The irony is that  we are requesting all of the footage from when Jason got arrested for filming the cops.

Classic: The less Americans know about Ukraine’s location, the more they want U.S. to intervene

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I still need to get some velcro backing on these. I have 9 available at the moment.

Once I do, if anyone would be interested in having one, let me know. I’ll ship it to you free of charge. I just want these to get out there into the fields and on your gear for people to see.

Quite superior to all those tacky ass pissbaby morale patches on the market.

Otherwise you can purchase your own here to help support the Iraq Veterans Against the War. They don’t come with any velcro backing.


Statism: Ideas so good they’re mandatory.

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